segunda-feira, dezembro 06, 2010

Anticristo, de Lars von Trier

Como me identifiquei inteiramente com este comentário (que li, no fim de ver o filme), e dificilmente eu descreveria melhor o que senti ao ver o filme, aqui vai uma transcrição do mesmo:

This movie drained me...

Without a doubt the most unpleasant and despairing movie I've ever watched. It's not just the graphic imagery that got to me, but the overall tone of the movie was incredibly dreadful and you could almost feel a presence of some sort of "evil".

This is a hard movie to review. It crosses all barriers when it comes to movie making...ALL. It makes you question yourself about what art is and if there's anything as going "too far"?

But don't dismiss this. It's certainly much more than just being graphic for the sake of it. First off, the cinematography is absolutely flawless. The opening scene had me in absolute awe. Beautiful... And my deepest respect to Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsburg. I could only imagine how much this would drain the actors both mentally and physically. They are amazing and deserve Oscars.

I have to mention the violence too, since it's a critical aspect. This isn't "torture porn" of any kind. It's natural (it's looks almost too realistic), physical sexual violence. That's why it works so effective on the audience. You can almost feel their pain. Never before have I watched a movie where I felt the urge to look away. You would think that, in the end, all this violence and self molestation is just a shock tactic, but I assure you it's not. There is actually a plot and a sensible progression of the movie. I of course won't say too much. People need to see it.

I can understand why some people wouldn't like it, and that's okay. This is most definitely not for everyone.

It may not be a movie that made me feel good, but it made feel something and had an effect on me. It's beautiful, sad, poetic, horrific and in the end, oddly uplifting. A genre masterpiece.

A must see.

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Filipe Ramos disse...

Sim, sem dúvida um filme muito bom. Uma boa história, muito bem contada. O grafismo e a crueza das imagens são de uma qualidade que nunca tinha visto em nenhum filme!

Carla Alves disse...

...e dificil de digerir!!!Fiquei traumatizada durante uma semana lol, pela "crueza das imagens",como referes.